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luminO' art plus

Why Business Promotion Gifts or Corporate Gifts?

The main reason behind sending corporate gifts is to strengthen business relationships and show appreciation to your employees, clients, and associates. These gifts are given away in the hope of promoting business and make more people aware of your company. It can help you to boost your sales revenue dramatically.

Business promotion gifts enhance your corporate identity and image, and serves as an important tool for building business relationships.

Why Luminoart Plus?

Luminoart Plus is an extension of Luminoart which is an initiative taken to empower traditional crafts and craftsmanship. Our promotional product and corporate gifts are collections of handcrafted products which are innovative and creative. We make sure our promotional products are practical, relevant, creative and customized as per our client’s specifications. Personalizing a gift ensures that the recipient will remember it for a long time.

Why selection of promotion gifts is one of the most crucial tasks?

Promotional gifts convey your corporate identity. A carelessly chosen gift is likely to damage your corporate image. Whether it’s a paper weight or a gift hamper, it should enhance your corporate identity and image. In case you are unsure of what to choose, you should get expert help rather than sending an inappropriate gift which may send a wrong message.

Our brand promotion and customer relationship specialist, who understands the prevailing market trends, can help you in selecting a good corporate gift which will reinforce your image as a truly professional company and strengthen your relationship with the recipients.

We take care of following points when selecting your promotional gift:

  • The gift is within your specified range.
  • The gift is practical and useful.
  • The gift is personalized.
  • The gift is remembered for a long time.
  • The gift reinforces the company’s image.
  • The gift strengthens business relationship with the recipient.

"Whenever you think of a gift, think of LUMINOART PLUS."